Refund Policy

Refund & Funds Policy

  1. There are numerous ways of funding, including credit or debit cards, PayPal and Wire Transfer.
  2. Right to use. After providing us with your proper payment tool, your right for using it will be confirm. Moreover, as soon as you provide the transaction, you give us a permission for charging the full sum to the chosen funding tool and letting us to collect and keep it.
  3. Funding failure. You will be the only person in charge for the fund fail, when your transactions and payments with a debit card ends up in an overdraft or any other kind of payment.
  4. Terms of funding. SMMBoostPro Funds is a payment process appropriate for starting any kind of marketing campaign.
    1. Once you obtain or buy these Funds, you get some degree of right to use them as well, with definite options inside the SMMBoostPro dashboard such as generating of a podcast marketing campaign.
    2. You have no permission for selling or transferring the Funds wherever outside of SMMBoostPro.
    3. We are capable of altering the price of the Funds purchase anytime, along with the Funds treatment and transfer methods.
    4. Funds are exchangeable for only the fiscal up-to-date value from us except we reach other agreement or if it compulsory by law.
    5. SMMBoostPro have been using the minor amounts of free marketing Funds given to our customers. We are accomplished of eradicating these anytime.


  1. At-will usage. Your right to use SMMBoostPro Payments may be canceled by our company at any time as the result of our individual decision.
  2. Request for information. By using SMMBoostPro Payments, you recognize and approve that we may provide any studies that we think essential, either directly or via third parties, regarding your personality and solvency.
  3. Right to call off. We keep the right for canceling any transaction when we think the transaction breaks up the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities or these Terms, or when we think doing so.
  4. Payment limits. With the key purpose to avoid financial damage to you or to us, we may put a postponement on a fee for some particular period, limit funding tools for a transaction, or limit your capability to purchase, or disable your account.
  5. Distribution of information. With the main purpose to avoid fiscal loss to us or to you, we keep the right to contact your funding tool issuer, law prosecution, or pretentious third parties (as well as other users), and share information about any expenditures you are related to. We do it in the case we think doing so may help to avoid monetary loss or a violation of law.
  6. Customer support. Focusing on this entire section, we provide different instruments in our SMMBoostPro Live Chat Support to help you in interacting with a third party to solve a disagreement occurred from a payment transaction.
  7. No responsibility for spend transaction. In case you come into a business deal with a third party and have a disagreement about the belongings or services you bought, we are not liable for the mentioned belongings or services that are the basis of the transaction. We recognize handling with your funding transaction as our only responsibility. Be aware, all the funding transactions are final except the cases when required by law. In case you require something that turn out to be unobtainable before it can be delivered to you, you can appeal for a refund of your funded sum.
  8. Intrusion. We may not arbitrate in arguments regarding payments that may rise between the developer and you, organization or company that was, is or will be in work with you.
  9. Technical troubles. In case you face a technical troubles or disturbance of service that results in your funding transaction failure, you have a right to demand your transaction to be completed later.


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