Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SMMBoostPro understands all the privacy matters of our website’s visitors. Particularly, the site understands the high need of protecting the privacy of individual data collected about our visitors. According to the common policy, no tacitly collecting of private information such as name, e-mail or other address is provided. In order to provide the best optimization of the website pages for the visitor’s phone or pc, SMMBoostPro uses its rights to collect some non-personal information. The kind of the collected information can include info about internet browser used, operating system details, service provider or domain name. We may use the mentioned data in order to count the overall number of the website visitors. The personally identified information can be collected only if it voluntarily provided. In the situation of collecting such a data, the next principle is used: in what way the collected data on this website is used except for as identified in privacy policy, the individually distinguishable data provided by the visitors perceptively and voluntarily to SMMBoostPro site is kept by the website and cannot be traded or relocated in any other way outside the company, except the other choice was made once the information was collected.

Usage of cookies

SMMBoostPro makes use of no SMMBoostPro in order to collect our users’ personal data details.


SMMBoostPro will notify you once collecting your private information and about this information being used. All the collected data are used as entire. The information that can be personally recognized is not joined or used.

Details of privacy policy

Be aware, by using SMMBoostPro, you approve this website Privacy Policy. In case you disagree with it or with some of its concepts, we advise you to avoid using of our website. SMMBoostPro provides its Privacy Policies periodical reviews and has the full range of rights to take out or change this Policy at whatever time according to its decision. You would have to review this page occasionally in order to be always aware of the modifications.


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